Kharlm Bastard - Chaos Dwarf Team RESIN

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This pack contains the following miniatures casted in RESIN:
Chaos Dwarf 1
Chaos Dwarf 2
Chaos Dwarf 3
Chaos Dwarf 4
Chaos Dwarf 5
Chaos Dwarf 6
Hobgoblin 1
Hobgoblin 2
Hobgoblin 3
Hobgoblin 4
Hobgoblin 5
Hobgoblin 6
Hobgoblin 7
Bulcentaur 1
Bullcentur 2
Meka Minotaur

3 extra dwarf heads
Markers set (Turn, RR and Ball)METAL
Numbers set 1-16

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These and other models have been sculpted by Adrian Perez Montejano, owner of Lost Kingdom Miniatures, most of them Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs.

Adrian was commissioned years ago to make a version of his Dwarfs models for Fantasy Football.

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