Or who I am?



Hi Guyz!

My name Juan Willke, more known as Videador. I am the head of Hungry Troll.

Why do I sell Fantasy Football and other miniatures?


Well, as I always said; I am not the best at painting, sculpting, or playing, what can I do to contribute to the miniature world?



I started Business and Administration and finish Commerce at college. When I was close to finishing my career I decided that working in the Wargames/miniature industry will be my dream work.


Six or more years ago I was already selling BB advertisements fridge magnets and RR resin makers but was just a hobby. My plan was to work for the government as a tribute inspector and I was studying the exam apart from the career, Hungry Troll was going just an extra to add to my CV.


Then at the beginning of the year 2015 I meet one of the best 3D sculptors you will ever see, Sergi Torras. I arrived at an agreement to sell his first models that consist in an ogre team. That was the start of a rampage of new miniatures for the Hungry Troll Brand.

I launch the Indiegogo and was boosted by the BB community and meeting other coaches around the world make me embrace my destiny of selling the best miniatures I could make for the game.






When you send an email, mp the Facebook site, or contact Hungry Troll you will be speaking to me personally.

I am the company core. I send/make the packages, manage distribution and tournament/league sponsoring, plan future miniatures and Crowdfunding projects, etc…


I sometimes sculpt but looking at other sculptors´ qualities like Pedro Ramos or Sergi Torras I prefer them to get the job that will translate to the best minis you will see in the BB world. I keep sculpting customized trophies/tokens and terrain.


Jose, the best white metal Eurocaster! Is in charge of the white metal casting. With more than 20 years’ experience can give the best quality on this material. All metal miniatures have been cast by him.


Resin casting deepens the model that is going to be copied. For HD miniature resin casting I order it from GRx Créations or Valquiria . Both are great companies. And for terrain, tokens, bases and trophies I do it myself. Someday I may cast my own resin miniatures, but not until I can get the same or better quality as the best resin casting companies.