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Painting competition snotling

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1 resin snotling


I will be launching a set of miniatures for Underworld and Snotlings teams.

It will be a painting competition.

-------Hungry Troll Painting Competition-----------------------


1. The model painted must be this snotling and other models/ can be added as a diorama for example.

2. Can send more than 1 entry (all the entries must include this snotling painted differently.

3. The entry must be this Snotling painted as physical model (not rendering/photoshop)

4. Can send 1 or more photos, be sure you take decent photos and include them in 1 post.

5. Include hashtag #hungrytrollpainting and @hungrytrollminiatures in the description.

6. This contest is only on Instagram.

7. Last day to send the entry is 15th February 2022.

8. The winner will be given the 17th February 2022


A full set of all the models of the Wastelanders Kickstarter printed and shipped to his/her home. If the Kickstarter is funded the Stls files will be included too.

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