Big Guy Block Dice Blue

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1 Big Guy Block Dice 32mm cast in resin. Side measure is 32mm (double as a normal 16 dice)

  *This dice hasn´t the symbols painted as it is shown in the photo.

Resin Shore 70 material, can be rolled and resist hard impacts. This doesn´t mean that you can throw it like and an angry ogre to a stonewall without damage it if you are trying to do it..


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This product is an artisan dice, this means it has been handmade and may contain imperfections/minimum color variation due to the personalized casting. Fail castings are dismissed as always and won´t be sale.

 Hungry Troll Miniatures is not responsible for the damages produce by this dice, if you throw it to your enemies miniatures Hungry Troll won´t be responsible for their destruction.

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